Today's Date: August 7, 2020

Support GATRA – Contact Your State Reps!

The state legislature has been working on emergency legislation to help with the current MBTA financial crisis.  As part of the proposed MBTA funding legislation there is also an opportunity for the Regional Transit Authority Program to receive much needed funds as well.  In addition to the dedicated state reserve funds to assist the MBTA, House Bill 4109 has 5 million dollars available for the Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs).  GATRA is in desperate need for additional operating funds to maintain its current services.  For the past four years, there has been no increase in state funding for GATRA or the other RTAs; however service cuts are likely unless these additional funds are made available.  It is imperative that people who depend on the vital services that the RTAs provide communicate their needs to their local elected officials.  State representatives and senators need to hear from you to ensure that the larger debate on MBTA financing also includes financial support for the RTA program.  Please help GATRA by taking the time to contact your local state representatives and senators and ask them to support funding for the Regional Transit Authority Program both in the House Bill 4190 and in the upcoming Fiscal Year 2013 state budget. 

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