Today's Date: July 10, 2020

12/12 – GATRA Launches Ride Match

GATRA is pleased to announce the launch of Ride Match, a new web-based tool that offers quick, easy access to information about transportation options for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and anyone needing to travel in Southeastern Massachusetts and beyond.

In early 2011, GATRA teamed up with Automated Business Solutions (ABS), a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in automated paratransit software solutions, to develop a one-stop repository of transportation providers.  Today, Ride Match is the product of considerable effort spent collecting data, interviewing transportation providers, and developing an online searchable database. 

Ride Match Features an Easy-to-use Search Function
To locate a transportation provider in a typical community in Southeastern Massachusetts, users go to  On the home page, users are asked to enter their town of origin, their destination, and the day and time of their trip.  They can also specify any special needs such as wheelchair accessibility or if they need to travel with a personal care attendant.  After submitting the form, Ride Match instantly delivers contact information for all public, private, and non-profit transportation services that meet the user’s needs.  By clicking on a specific provider, users access the vendor’s profile page which includes detailed information on service area, days and hours of operation, reservation and cancellation policies, types of vehicles used, and other special services.

Comprehensive, detailed information is available for the 28 cities and towns that comprise the GATRA service area, and additional information is available across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The intent is to build the database so that it will eventually become a state-wide resource. All the information in Ride Match is supplied and maintained by the transportation providers who have online password-protected access to their own data.  Organizations or transportation providers whose services are not already in the database can request to be included by filling out an online form at: 

“Not everyone in Massachusetts has easy access to a personal vehicle or public transportation.   Ride Match was designed to help fill the gaps and provide the state’s most vulnerable populations, as well as the agencies that serve them, with a way to easily identify all the transportation options within their communities,” said Mary Basilone, GATRA’s Mobility Manager.  “Access to transportation is essential for leading a full and active life, and we hope that Ride Match will enhance the ability of all our consumers to live more mobile and independent lives.”

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