Today's Date: August 7, 2020

09/13 – Ride Match Goes Mobile

GATRA is pleased to announce that it has recently launched a redesigned mobile version of its popular RideMatch website.   The new streamlined mobile version is designed to help individuals locate information specific to Massachusetts transportation options easily and quickly from any mobile device. 

“GATRA is committed to providing easy access to detailed information about transportation options in the state,” said Mary Basilone, GATRA’s Mobility Manager.  “Whether you are looking for public, private or even accessible transportation options, our newly redesigned mobile version offers a number of user-friendly benefits that make seaching for transportation easier than ever.”

The new mobile version has a faster, simplified search feature that has been optimized for mobile use but still delivers the same accurate search results as the online web version.  For example, users no longer need to type in both the county and city of origin/destination when seaching for transportation options.  In the new mobile version, only the city is needed.  Also, the results screen has been streamlined to provide only the most essential information that a mobile user would need – the name and contact information.

“At GATRA, we understand that not everyone in Massachusetts has easy access to a personal vehicle or public transporation.  Ride Match was designed to help fill the gaps and provide the state’s most vulnerable populations – as well as the agencies that serve them – with a way to easily identify all the transportation option within their communities.  Access to transportation is essential for leading a full and active life, and we believe that Ride Match will enhance the ability of our consumers to live more mobile and independent lives.”