Today's Date: July 13, 2020

Bus Detours in Attleboro – Sept. 6

GATRA is announcing the following route changes for Saturday, September 6th, due to the Attleboro 100th Anniversary Celebration and parade.

Routes 10 & 14 (Outbound):

Will leave the Attleboro Transit Center(ATC) on S. Main and take a right on Mill St., a left on Union St.[shelter], continue straight on Pleasant St.[123], then left on Holden St., then right on North Main St., then left on Toner Blvd.

The route 10 and 14 will miss North Main St. from the center up to Holden St.  West and North St. are closed inbound and outbound till the end of the parade. Normal service will resume in the afternoon.

Routes 10 & 14 (Inbound):

Inbound 10 and 14’s will use Toner Blvd. and will take a right on North Main St. and a left on Holden St. and a right on Pleasant St. and will continue to Union St. and then take a right on Mill St. before heading back to the ATC.

Routes 12 (Outbound):

Route 12 buses will leave the ATC and take a right on Mill St., a left on Union St. [shelter], a right on Park St., a right on O’Neill Blvd., a right on Maple St.,  a left on So. Main St., a right on Lamb St., a right on Thatcher St. into County Sq. back on normal route.

Routes 12 (Inbound):

Inbound 12 will use South Ave. [123] to Thacher St., take a left on Lamb St., take a left on S. Main St., take a left on Wall St. back to ATC.

Routes 11, 15, and 16: No changes to route.

Routes 18:

The route 18 from Attleboro will run a normal route to Taunton. The route 18 from Taunton will be detoured in Attleboro Center, County St. to Wall St. will be closed. The bus will come down Pleasant St. and continue straight onto Union St.[shelter] to a right on Mill St. to a left on South Main St. and a right on Wall and back into the ATC.