Today's Date: July 11, 2020

Attleboro Route 10 and Route 14 Detour

Route 10 & 14 Service


Beginning Monday, July 17, 2017 Commonwealth Ave in Attleboro will be closed at North Street for construction.  This will have a minor effect on the GATRA bus service for the route 10 & 14 servicing Triboro Plaza.  The GATRA bus route 10 & 14 will be detouring

Outbound the buses will be going:
From Triboro Plaza onto John Dietsch Blvd through the Industrial Park, left onto Landry Ave, right onto Mt Hope St, left onto Elm St to get back on route.


Inbound the buses will be going:
Regular route-taking a left on Mt Hope St, right onto Landry Ave, right onto John Dietsch Blvd to Triboro Plaza, to get back on route to the ATC.

There will be no bus service between Robert Toner Blvd and Elm St during the road closure.


Download the Flyer Here