Today's Date: August 7, 2020

Update from the Administrator

I am updating you as we continue through this pandemic and continue our multi-faceted approach in dealing with the Covid-19 Virus. To date, thankfully none of our staff or Operators have been identified as Covid-19 Virus positive.

To protect our passengers: GATRA continues our daily procedure of cleaning, disinfecting, and airing out each bus.  In each vehicle, we have hand sanitizer units and have posted recommended passenger practices for social distancing and we are strongly suggesting that all passengers wear face coverings.  The GATRA Terminal Building is still closed until further notice.

To protect our Operators:  We have installed barriers in all of our vehicles to protect our Operators. We continue to restrict passengers from sitting anywhere near our Operators.  The immediate seats that are close to our Operators continue to be been roped off and we have marked a line that all passengers must stay behind.

We have instituted a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) plan for all Operators including masks, gloves and sanitizing wipes/lotions. We continue to order supplies as they come available. We continue with the “Collecting Fares Without Enforcement” policy.

To protect our staff:  All of our administrative staff continue to work remotely from home. We continue have a conference call on Tuesday mornings so we all can call in to get updates.  I personally check in with all of my staff to make sure that they and their families are safe and to see if they need anything,

GATRA continued to have ridership decline during this time but it appears to have leveled off.  Our fixed route is averaging approximately 400 riders a day. We believe that the current ridership are passengers that are traveling for jobs or essential services.

We continue to operate a modified weekday fixed route service. We have normal morning hours but our afternoons continue to end at 5pm. The ADA and Paratransit service continue to operate on this schedule as well.

GATRA continues and is committed to providing transportation service to our riders in getting to work, grocery/pharmacy shopping, and life supporting medical services.  As this situation develops, we continue to work together to get through this very challenging experience with the Covid-19 Virus.  This updated plan is designed to get us through the next few weeks however, we continue to work on a daily basis with the federal, state and local resources to safely provide transit services for those who need it.


Mark A. Sousa,  Administrator