Today's Date: July 10, 2020

Find Your GATRA Bus Route on Google Earth

Have you ever wanted to see GATRA bus routes on Google Earth? Now you can do just that with a new interactive system map that was created for GATRA by Jennifer Chaves, a Transportation Planner at the Southeastern Planning & Economic Development District (SRPEDD).

Chaves created files of GATRA’s fixed route bus systems and bus stops then uploaded them to Google Earth. To access the file, follow these easy directions:

  1. Click here to install Google Earth on your computer.  You will need the Google Earth application to view the KMZ file that contains GATRA’s bus routes.
  2. Once you have installed Google Earth, click on the map image on this page below. This will start the download of the KMZ file.
  3. If a file download prompt asks you if you would like to open or save the file, choose Open File.
  4. Click on the file and Google Earth will then ‘fly’ you to the GATRA service area. From here, you can zoom into the map and see a bird’s-eye view of GATRA’s system routes, individual bus stops, and their respective information. You will also notice on the left hand side a list of all GATRA bus routes and stops. You can choose whether to hide or show bus routes and stops by removing/adding the check mark.

An excellent tool for trip planning, this interactive map tool allows you to view your entire route at once, check for points of interest along the way, or just play around in a really cool application.


♦ A specific file was created for a special project in the Norton/Attleboro area. This Google Earth file shows the Norton/Attleboro routes as well as bus stops and a 1/4 mile buffer to show a comfortable walking distance.

Click here to download the file.