Today's Date: July 10, 2020

Commuter Options

A Commuter Solution That is Good for Business

When workers commute on mass transit, everyone benefits.  In fact, it is estimated that employers can save an average of 10% on payroll taxes and employees can save up to 40% on commuter costs through a special Federal Tax Benefit that was once again signed into law in 2012.

GATRA’s fixed-route buses provide safe, dependable and easy transportation that get employees to work more relaxed and on time.  Learn more about the full benefits employers, employees and even the community enjoy when workers use mass transit to commute to work.

Employer Advantages:

  • Saves on taxable payroll.  For example, if an organization has 200 employees who take advantage of the transit benefit, the company could save $44,982 in annual payroll taxes.*
  • Eliminates space issues for companies that have little or no employee parking.
  • Enhances a company’s public image by providing benefits that support green living.

* From the TransitChek website at

Employee Advantages:

  • In Massachusetts, transit commuters could save money on their Massachusetts automobile insurance by purchasing GATRA monthly passes. Employees should check with their insurance carrier for details.
  • Provides a non-taxable benefit of up to $245 per month
  • Decreases employee commuting costs by providing savings on gas and car maintenance and repair.
  • Ensures more reliable, safer and less stressful travel (especially during the harsh winter months).

Community Advantages:

  • Decreases carbon emissions and lessens traffic congestion.
  • Reduces air pollution.
  • Provides a critical link in helping communities create and sustain employment opportunities for prospective employees.