Today's Date: November 21, 2017

No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy

Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority



Passenger no-show trips and late cancellations affect both the customer and GATRA. No shows and cancellations lead to wasted fuel and time as well as decreased productivity which impacts other clients causing unnecessary delays and detours.

U.S.DOT regulations 49 CFR 37.125 addresses the issue of no show policies in ADA complementary paratransit service programs, and state that: “The entity may establish an administrative process to suspend, for a reasonable period of time, the provision of complementary paratransit service to ADA paratransit eligible individuals who establish a pattern or practice or missing scheduled trips. 1. Trips missed by the individual for reasons beyond his or her control (including but not limited to, trips which are missed due to operator error) shall not be a basis for determining that such a pattern or practice exists.”


A no-show occurs when the vehicle arrives at the pick- up location within the 30 minute pick up window, waits the required 5 minutes, an attempt is made to contact the client and the client does not board the vehicle. If there is a return trip scheduled, the operator will attempt to call the client to ascertain if the return trip is necessary. If no contact is made the vehicle will attempt the return trip, if the client does not board after the required wait time that will be considered another no show.

Cancellations made within one hour of the scheduled trip may result in a no show.  Riders are encouraged to call as soon as possible.  There is no penalty if the No Show or Late Cancellation is beyond the rider’s control.

A No-Show letter will be sent to each rider informing them of the No-Show. If a rider accumulates or establishes a No Show/Late cancellation pattern equivalent to 20% or more of scheduled trips during a rolling 30 day period the rider will be subject to the following schedule.

  • The first violation is subject to a written warning.
  • Second violation -3 day suspension
  • Third violation – 5 day suspension
  • Fourth violation- 7 day suspension
  • Fifth and subsequent violations- 10 day suspension

Riders have the right to appeal and a copy of the appeal process is attached to each letter.

 No Show Appeal Process

 If the rider is in disagreement and would like to appeal the decision they must submit an appeal in writing within 10 days from receipt of the third No Show Letter to the following address;

Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority
10 Oak St.
Taunton, Ma 02780

Appeals will be heard and decided within 30 days of the receipt of request. While the appeal is in process, riders will continue to receive the paratransit service they were eligible for prior to the suspension of service. If the appeal extends beyond 30 days, riders will be able to receive transportation service until a final decision is rendered.

Appeals will be heard by a panel independent of GATRA.

The individual has the right to appear in person and request any necessary accommodations needed.

The determination resulting from the appeal will be made in writing and state the reason (s) for the decision.

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