Today's Date: August 7, 2020

Attleboro Commuter Parking Lot

NEW daily rate (effective 8/1/18): $5.00 per vehicle per day.  Also effective 8/1, no change will be given from cash transactions.

NEW monthly rate (effective 9/1/18): $90 per month per vehicle.


Daily and Multi-Day Payment is done through the Pay Stations at the Commuter Lot at the Attleboro MBTA Train Station or through the ParkMobile App (– 1-800-280-4146). If using the ParkMobile App, you need to provide the vehicle license plate number as well as the Zone (#881.)

Monthly Parking Passes are available for the commuter lot at the Attleboro MBTA train station.  The cost is $70.00 per month (increases to $90 per month starting 9/1).  To register online for your Attleboro parking pass, go to:

On the SP Plus Homepage, click the New Customer tab and enter “Attleboro, MA” in the search box.  Choose the first option “Sign Up for Monthly Parking”.  If you need further assistance, please call (401) 274-5586.

SP Plus Corporation handles all the collection of fees for GATRA. For further assistance, contact its Providence Office at 401-274-5586 or by email and/or

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