System Alert: There will be NO GATRA Service on Monday, July 4th

Taunton & Attleboro Service Changes Effective April 5, 2021 – UPDATED

SERVICE ADVISORY – Taunton & Attleboro Routes

ALL ROUTES (in Taunton & Attleboro) will return to full service using scheduled times from previous schedules.


ROUTE 7 – School St./Route 44 Raynham

Route will use existing routing with the following changes:
• Will serve the Aldi/Bed Bath & Beyond Plaza on Route 44 in Raynham
• Will end at Walmart. Pine Hill Estates will be served by the new Route 5.

Route 8 – County St. / Target

Route will use existing routing but will end at Target.
Connections to East Taunton (along Hart St/Middleboro Ave/South St E) and the Raynham Walmart can be made using the new Route 5 (see below).

Route 5 – Walmart / E. Taunton / Target

This new route will connect with the Route 8 at Target, travel
North on County St, East on Hart St/Middleboro Ave, North
on South St E, serve Pine Hill Estates, and connect with the
Route 7 at Walmart in Raynham.

GATRA’s Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan Update

This 5-year Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan (CRTP) update builds on the work of the Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) 2015 Regional Transit Plan (RTP). This update was recommended by the Task Force on Regional Transit Authority Performance and Funding in its final report issued in April 2019. The report included 24 recommendations in five categories:

  • Investment and Performance
  • Accountability
  • Service Decisions
  • Quality of Service
  • Environmental Sustainability

The CRTPU recommendation (No. 7) was included in the service decisions grouping. Specifically, recommendation 7 advised that “RTAs will continue to succeed by understanding their markets and by aiming to have their service networks meet the current and future mobility needs of their region as well as support connectivity to other regions where possible. This effort will be guided by (1) the completion or updating of Comprehensive Regional Transit Plans (CRTPs) every five years…”

Download the 2020 CRTP Update Here

Ways for you to provide comment on the report:

The report is out for public comment until April 16, 2021.

Improved Service to Restart in Pembroke

A new service is starting in Pembroke to replace the Pembroke Shuttle that was suspended due to COVID-19. This new service, called GATRA GO Explore is an on-demand, same day, affordable service that is open to the general public.

The service can be used for trips to/from anywhere in Pembroke and to/from these specific locations:

  • Hanson MBTA Station
  • Hanover Crossing
  • Target (Hanover)
  • Social Security Office (Hanover)
  • South Shore YMCA (Hanover)

Service is free until April 9th and then will be $2.00 per one way trip.