Detour Marshfield COA

Due to repaving at the Marshfield COA, the SAIL will not be traveling down Webster Street.

Route 8 Detour

Due to area construction the Route 8 bus has been detoured.  The inbound Rte. 8 will travel  County St to Harts 4 Corners, take a left on Hart Street, a right on Plain Street, and a right on Ingell Street to the end, left onto County Street.  The bus will then continue on to the County Street and Mozzone Boulevard stop.

There are no changes on the Outbound.

Expect delays due to traffic

Detour Route 24

Due to construction the Route 24 Bus will detour on the inbound run after the Broadway and Benefit stop the bus will take a left onto Mendon, a left onto Rex Avenue,  a right onto Robinson Street, right onto Brown Street, a left onto Route 1 and then continue to the Mayfaire Plaza stop.


Detour Route 9 Bus

The Route 9 inbound bus will detour after the Fist & Weir stop. The Bus will take a left onto High Street, a Right onto Cohannet Street and continue onto the Taunton Green and the Downtown and Court House  Stop.


Route 8 detour

Due to area construction the Route 8 Outbound 6:50, 2:00 and 4:00 runs will use Poole Street to get to Target.  The Route 8 Inbound 2:00, 2:30 and 4:30 runs will also use Poole Street on the return from Target.



Route 5 detour

Due to construction in the area the Route 5 bus will be using Poole Street to get to Target on the 7:00 Outbound Run from Walmart. The 2:30 Inbound from Target will also use Poole Street.