Medical Transportation Customer Service Representative

Department: Medical Transportation Brokerage

Exempt: No

Reports To: Medical Transportation Brokerage Manager

Date: August 2023

Position Summary:  This position is primarily responsible for receiving incoming calls from clients, representatives of clients, and/or medical facilities and scheduling transportation to medical appointments.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  1. Handle incoming phone calls from consumers, medical facilities, and vendors to schedule transportation for upcoming medical appointments in a courteous, professional, and efficient manner
  2. Confirm with caller all pertinent client information, such as address & telephone number, to ensure accurate information is maintained within GATRA database
  3. Assist clients with resolution of issues arising from previously scheduled transportation requests, including contacting Transportation Providers on behalf of clients to solve issues and ensure scheduled trips are completed as agreed.
  4. Conduct consumer surveys daily, in an effort to ensure trips are completed and services are being performed as agreed.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure adherence to schedule; taking breaks and lunch periods at scheduled times, to help ensure efficient operation of the department
  2. Ensure availability to receive incoming calls as often as possible, limiting time not available to receive incoming calls to 13% or less of scheduled shift
  3. Additional responsibilities as assigned by Brokerage Supervisors, Office Manager or Brokerage Director

Position Requirements:  Incumbent must demonstrate computer literacy and the ability to type, be proficient with the use of various systems used daily, including trip scheduling system, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Physical Demands/Conditions:  This position includes a requirement being in a seated position in front of a computer monitor for extended periods of time, with limited opportunities to stray from work area.

Equipment Used:  Company-owned computers/software

To apply, please send resumes to: Brian Damaso,