Human Services Transportation

GATRA provides contracted transportation services for:

There are now THREE ways to schedule a ride to a MassHealth medical appointment!

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What is MassHealth Transportation?

With the support of the Human Transportation Services (HST) unit, MassHealth is able to provide transportation to MassHealth covered services for eligible individuals. These services include, but are not limited to, medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder appointments, as well as transportation to and from Day Habilitation programs.

Who may qualify for MassHealth transportation?

MassHealth members with an eligibility category that includes transportation coverage (Standard, CommonHealth, CarePlus) may qualify. 

How do I obtain approval for transportation to a provider?

Your MassHealth provider must complete an online transportation request (PT-1) for you. Your provider can find the PT-1 on the MassHealth Customer Web Portal, a website for providers. Any one of your MassHealth providers can submit a PT-1 form for any other MassHealth provider you need to travel to.

How long will it take to process my PT-1?

The approval process may take up to three business days. You will be notified by mail whether or not you have been approved. If you need medical transportation before that, your medical provider can call the MassHealth Customer Service Center at (800) 841-2900 to request verbal approval. 

Who will provide my transportation after my PT-1 is approved?

Once your transportation services are approved, you will be assigned a broker who will schedule your trips. The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) coordinates trips for Western, Central, and Northeastern Massachusetts as well as the Metro Boston area. The Greater Attleboro and Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) coordinates trips for Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

How do I schedule my trips?

Your welcome letter from your broker provides instructions for how to schedule your trips (phone, web portal, app, etc.).  They will also provide information about who to contact if you have questions or concerns. The brokers do not provide the trips, rather they assign the trips to transportation companies/vendors.

Can I choose my own transportation company (vendor) to provide my trips?

Brokers assign each trip to a transportation company on a low-cost, most appropriate basis, and on vehicle availability. Human Transportation Services policies do not allow for participants to choose their own vendors. If you feel a vehicle sent to you was not appropriate for your needs, please tell your broker immediately. 

Know Before You Go

What to expect from drivers

  • Drivers should be courteous and respond to your needs. 
  • Drivers can only take you to the address you are approved to go to. You will either be dropped off at the curb or taken to the door depending on the level of service authorized on the PT-1.
  • Drivers should wear an ID badge with their name and company.
  • Drivers are not allowed to make any unscheduled stops (such as pharmacies, fueling stations, coffee shops, convenience stores, etc.)
  • Drivers are not allowed to wear headphones, talk or text on a cell phone (or any hands-free device) while the vehicle is moving.
  • Drivers cannot leave before your scheduled pick-up time even if they arrive early. They are required to wait until at least 10 minutes after scheduled pickup time before departing without the member.
  • Drivers are allowed to be up to 15 minutes late in case there is traffic. Anything over 15 minutes late should be reported to your transportation broker.
  • Drivers should offer to help you get into and out of the vehicle.
  • Drivers are required to bring you to your appointment on time barring any unforeseen circumstances out of their control, such as traffic and weather. 
  • Drivers cannot make you leave your appointment early.

What to expect from vehicles

  • Vehicles should have the company name on the passenger side and rear of the vehicle. 
  • Smoking is not allowed on any vehicle (including e-cigarettes).
  • Vehicles should have working heat and air conditioning.
  • There should be a seatbelt with shoulder strap for every passenger in the vehicle.

If you are traveling with a wheelchair

  • Wheelchair vehicles should have proper wheelchair restraints. In most cases this means secured in four places.
  • Wheelchair vehicles should have appropriate lap/shoulder seatbelts.
  • Wheelchair vehicles should have a raised roof (12 inches).
  • Wheelchairs should be secured so that they are facing forward in the vehicle.

If you feel your wheelchair was not properly secured please report that to your broker immediately!

Important things to remember

  • Whenever possible, schedule your trips at least three business days before your appointment.
  • Transportation for urgent care appointments that were given on the same day or for the next day will be provided.
  • Please be ready at your scheduled pickup time or a little earlier.
  • No smoking, eating, and drinking on any vehicle. 
  • Everyone in the vehicle must wear seatbelts throughout the duration of the trip.
  • If you need to cancel a previously scheduled trip, please give your broker at least one hour notice if possible.
  • You can ask your broker to adjust your pickup time if they schedule a pickup that would make you late to your appointment. 
  • If you schedule a will-call return ride, meaning you call for your pick-up when your appointment is finished, your wait time may be 60 minutes or longer.  You may find it easier to schedule your return trip for a later time than when you expect your appointment to end so you know exactly how long you have to wait. 
  • Your ride may be shared with other members, but these additional pickups and drop-offs should not add more than 45 minutes to your trip.
  • If you require an escort to assist you on your trip, you must ask your medical provider to indicate that on your PT-1.
  • If you need to be picked up or dropped off at a location besides your home, that information must be added to your PT-1 as an alternate pickup address at the time of submission.

How can I submit a complaint about my trip or provide feedback?

If something went wrong on your trip, we want to know. Please contact your broker either:

  • On the phone where you will be able to speak to a representative or leave a voice message 
  • On their website to provide your feedback in writing and to upload any photo/video evidence that you wish to provide 

If your broker is GATRA, please call (800) 431-1713 or go to

If you file a complaint you should expect to hear back within 24 hours that your complaint has been received. You should be notified at that time if your broker needs additional information from you to investigate your complaint further. You may request not to ride with a transportation provider that you filed a complaint about while the complaint is being investigated..

Who should I contact to provide feedback about my HST transportation services or if I have general questions about the brokerage?

HST wants to hear from you if you’re not receiving the highest level of service. We rely on your feedback to ensure that this essential part of the healthcare system is working.

To file a complaint, contact the HST office at (617) 847-3427 or

To provide any other feedback or ask general questions, contact the HST office at (617) 847-3427 or 

This information may be available in alternative formats as a reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities.  Please email your request to, or call (617) 847-3427 with a description of the accommodation you will need and include as much detail as you can. 

Department of Developmental Services

GATRA provides transportation brokerage services for qualified consumers of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), covered through the Bristol & Plymouth County area offices. DDS transportation consumers are transported daily to various DDS/DayHab programs across the area. GATRA accomplishes this through a competitive bid process of awarded routes to approximately 12 privately owned Transportation Providers.

Becoming a transportation provider through GATRA’s brokerage

GATRA acts as a Human Services Transportation (HST) broker and arranges transportation, for clients/consumers of one or more state programs, by subcontracting with qualified privately owned transportation providers.
By participating in the HST Brokerage System, the transportation provider is under contractual agreement to provide safe, professional and on‐time service, which is provided with dignity and respect for eligible HST consumers.

Minimum requirements:

  • Organization must have a minimum of 1 year providing medical transportation
  • Organization must be registered with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Organization must provide a “Certificate of Good Standing” from the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which proves good tax standing
  • Organization must have an office or branch that operates in or near GATRA territory

If your organization meets these minimum requirements you may take the next step by filling out a Human Service Transportation Provider Application. To obtain this application, please email and type “application” in the subject line. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!