System Alert: Taunton & Attleboro Fixed Routes Return to Full Schedule on April 5th. Masks Required to Board All GATRA Vehicles.

Taunton & Attleboro Service Changes Effective April 5, 2021 – UPDATED

SERVICE ADVISORY – Taunton & Attleboro Routes

ALL ROUTES (in Taunton & Attleboro) will return to full service using scheduled times from previous schedules.


ROUTE 7 – School St./Route 44 Raynham

Route will use existing routing with the following changes:
• Will serve the Aldi/Bed Bath & Beyond Plaza on Route 44 in Raynham
• Will end at Walmart. Pine Hill Estates will be served by the new Route 5.

Route 8 – County St. / Target

Route will use existing routing but will end at Target.
Connections to East Taunton (along Hart St/Middleboro Ave/South St E) and the Raynham Walmart can be made using the new Route 5 (see below).

Route 5 – Walmart / E. Taunton / Target

This new route will connect with the Route 8 at Target, travel
North on County St, East on Hart St/Middleboro Ave, North
on South St E, serve Pine Hill Estates, and connect with the
Route 7 at Walmart in Raynham.