System Alert: No GATRA service on Thursday, November 24 due to Thanksgiving

Wareham, Plymouth, Scituate Service to Return to Full Service on June 1, 2021

WAREHAM – Updated schedule will be available soon

ALL ROUTES will return to full service, using the schedule dated January 27, 2020, with the following changes:

Link 2 – Cranberry Plaza to Buzzards Bay

Route will serve Shangri-La via Glen Charlie Road, Onset via Main Ave/Onset Ave, then continue on Cranberry Highway and end at Academy Blvd in Buzzards Bay. Link 2 will no longer go over the Bourne Bridge (pending a public meeting). Link 2 will continue to deviate to the
area as defined on published schedules by request.

Link 3 – Shangri-La to Cranberry Plaza

Link 3 service has been added to the Link 2 schedule.

Wareham-Lakeville Train Connector

The Connector schedule has been incorporated into the Link 4 schedule. Trips to the Lakeville MBTA station have been reduced due to demand and the train schedule.


ALL ROUTES will return to full service using the schedule dated February 4, 2019.


The SLOOP will return to full service using schedules dated February 4, 2019.