Travel Training

Travel Training Makes Riding the Bus Fun and Stress-free!

Travel Training instructors from GATRA are skilled in assisting people in overcoming fears and building confidence so they can ride the public bus on their own.

The goal of the program is to teach individuals how to safely and independently ride public transportation systems in Attleboro, Taunton and other communities where GATRA operates fixed route buses. Travel Training can consist of several one-on-one sessions or group lessons.

To begin, the travel trainer sets up an in-house mobility assessment with the individual and then the trainer develops an individual travel plan. Although the instruction is often individualized to the trainee’s needs, Travel Training can include many of the following tasks:

  • Using GATRA’s website and other online tools to obtain bus system information
  • Trip planning activities
  • Reading and understanding route maps and schedules
  • Riding specific routes
  • Getting to and from a specific bus stop
  • Recognizing bus numbers, bus stops, and landmarks
  • Paying fares and purchasing tickets and passes
  • Getting on and off the bus safely
  • Locating and transferring to other buses
  • Crossing the street safely
  • Phone, emergency, and safety skills

There are many benefits of learning to ride the GATRA bus such as greater independence, convenience, and an increased sense of confidence and self-reliance.

If you or someone you know would benefit from Travel Training, please contact GATRA’s Travel Trainer at 508-823-8828, ext. 225, to set up an appointment.