System Alert: Taunton & Attleboro Fixed Routes Return to Full Schedule on April 5th. Masks Required to Board All GATRA Vehicles.

Performance Measure Reports

GATRA uses performance measures to evaluate and improve service. GATRA’s fixed route service and Dial-a-Ride service area have been divided into groups for comparison purposes. Fixed route services are broken down by type of service while the Dial-a-Ride service area has been broken into regional groups. Both fixed route and Dial-a-Ride services are measured using Passengers Per Revenue Mile (PPRM), Passengers Per Revenue Hour (PPRH), Revenue Miles Between Preventable Accidents, and Miles Between Road Calls.

Fixed Route Performance FY2016-2017

Fixed Route Performance FY2017-2018

Fixed Route Performance FY2018-2019

Fixed Route Performance FY2019-2020

Fixed Route Performance FY2020 – 2021 1st Quarter

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2016 2017

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2017-2018

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2018-2019

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2019 – 2020

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2020 -2021 1ST Quarter