Performance Measure Reports

GATRA uses performance measures to evaluate and improve service. GATRA’s fixed route service and Dial-a-Ride service area have been divided into groups for comparison purposes. Fixed route services are broken down by type of service while the Dial-a-Ride service area has been broken into regional groups. Both fixed route and Dial-a-Ride services are measured using Passengers Per Revenue Mile (PPRM), Passengers Per Revenue Hour (PPRH), Revenue Miles Between Preventable Accidents, and Miles Between Road Calls.

Fixed Route Performance FY2016-2017

Fixed Route Performance FY2017-2018

Fixed Route Performance FY2018-2019

Fixed Route Performance FY2019-2020

Fixed Route Performance FY2020 – 2021 1st Quarter

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2016 2017

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2017-2018

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2018-2019

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2019 – 2020

Dial-A-Ride Performance FY2020 -2021 1ST Quarter